For Authors

The “Infusion & Chemotherapy” accepts works that have not been published before and are not being considered for publication in other publishing structures.

The work should have a visa of the head, an official direction and an expert opinion about the possibility of publication from the institution in which it was performed, as well as a review.

The responsibility for the reliability of the information and the originality of the submitted materials lays on the authors. In the process of editing works, the editor retains the right to change the style, but not the content. Works executed without observance of editorial requirements will not be registered.

Refusal to publish may not be accompanied by an explanation of its causes and will not be considered as a negative conclusion regarding the scientific and practical value of the work. Works, submitted to the editorial office will not be return. After publication, all copyrights belong to the editorial office.

Required Elements of Work:

  1. UDC;
  2. full name of scientific work;
  3. the surname (s) and initials of the author (s);
  4. full name of the organization (s) where the author (s) is working;
  5. summary in two languages (in Ukrainian, English);
  6. keywords;
  7. address for correspondence (postal and / or electronic);
  8. ORCID iD;
  9. text of work with tables and illustrations;
  10. References

Short messages (theses) can be submitted without items 5, 6 and 10.

Full author names, academic titles and professional positions, full addresses must be presented on a separate page. It is also necessary to indicate the address, telephone, fax and E-mail of the author who will receive correspondence.

The manuscript should be presented in two copies, printed on one side of the sheet in two intervals with the “Times New Roman” headset, 12 points, with a margin of at least 3 cm on the white paper of the A4 format.

The manuscript can be written in Ukrainian or English and should be accompanied by 6 - 8 key words and a summary (150 - 200 words), which is presented in two languages (in Ukrainian and in English). The summary should clearly indicate the purpose, object and methods of research, findings and conclusions.

The original and problem work should be clearly structured and broken into section titles: introduction; object (materials) and methods of research; results; discussion; conclusions; express gratitude; list of literary sources, conflict of interests.

An electronic manuscript can provided on any medium (CD-ROM, USB-media, e-mail) in any text editor with the obligatory indication of the used editor. The author should not split the article into separate files. It is advisable not to wrap words in text editor. Signs that are not available author’s text editor (Greek letters, mathematical formulas, etc.), should not be written by hand, it is better to label them with unified code (for example, alpha, @, #, etc. for the Greek alphabet a). The list of codes and the key must be added.

All physical quantities and units should be given according to SI, terminology - according to the anatomical and histological nomenclatures, the names of the diseases - according to the current International Classification of Diseases.

Experimental studies: the species (according to the International Biological Nomenclature), the sex and number of animals, the methods of anesthesia during manipulations related to animal pain, methods of killing animals, or the taking of materials for laboratory testing in accordance with the “Rules for the performance of work on using experimental animals “, approved by the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Directive 2010/63/EU, or according to author’s local Animal testing regulations.

Literature references in the text are carried out by drawing numbers in square brackets according to the list of references. It is also possible to quote in the form: “... according to

I.I. Ivanov and co-authors [4] ... “.

All the links in the work should be presented at the end of the text in the list of primary sources appearing on separate pages (printed in two intervals), drawn up in accordance with the Vancouver style. Detailed instructions can be found at the link:

Ukrainian English:


Two copies of illustrations should be presented in a form available for reproduction. Illustrations are numbered in Arabic numerals on the back in the order of their placement in the text: Fig. 1, Fig. 2 and so on. The lines should be black. Writing of the letters should be clear, of adequate size, easy for reading after image size reduction.

On the reverse side of all illustrations should be given the surname (s) of the author (s), the name of the work, the marks “top”, “bottom” with a soft simple pencil.


The tables with digital data are printed in two intervals on separate pages, they must have headers and be numbered with Arabic numerals (Table 1, Table 2, etc.).


The author (s) will be provided with 3 copies of the magazine, in which his (their) work is published.

Editorial Address:

03068, Ukraine, Kyiv, 10, M.Amosova str. E-mail: Tel. +380504499387